Customize Music on Hold in Microsoft Teams

In this blog post you will learn how to customize the music on hold in your Microsoft Teams environment. Microsoft announced this feature to be deployed in September 2022 and it allows us to define an own music on hold.

You archive this by configuring the new policy Hold Music in the Microsoft Teams Admin Center. Because it is a Microsoft Teams policy, you have the choice to set a new music on hold globally for all users or to define a music on hold for individual users.

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Missing Music on Hold for PSTN Calls on a Polycom VVX Phone

Some days ago I had a request from a customer about missing Music on Hold on Polycom VVX Phones and an Audiocodes SBC. The customer infrastructure:

  • Mixed Lync 2013 and Skype for Business  infrastructure on-premises
  • Audiocodes Mediant 2600 SBC
  • Enterprise SIP Trunk by Deutsche Telekom
  • 5.000 Users are enabled for Enterprise Voice features
  • Some are using Polycom VVX IP Phone (411 and 601)
  • Most users are using the Microsoft Skype for Business Client 2015 or C2R (2016)

The customer reported me, that for PSTN calls by Polycom VVX users the Music on Hold (MoH) was missing. When the same user calls someone in the company, the MoH is played to the other user. So, only PSTN calls are facing this issue. Furthermore, the customer told me that for users with Skype for Business softclient the problem doesn’t exist.

So,  in consequence it seems that we have to do a deeper look onto the Polycom VVX configuration because only these users are facing the problem. And only if the call was routed to or from the PSTN.

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