How to manage ownerless Microsoft Teams – Part 1

In this first blog post of two, I will cover how to manage ownerless Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 groups using board tools from Microsoft. Ownerless Microsoft 365 groups or teams are quite common and often seen in the wild.

A few weeks ago, Martina Grom tweeted about a new feature in the Microsoft Admin Center to find these ownerless Microsoft 365 groups or Microsoft Teams. It allows active members to be notified by mail when the team, or rather the Microsoft 365 group, no longer has an owner. This tweet brought this feature to my attention.

I will show you this option and an alternative way to notify someone about ownerless teams, like the IT staff for example, by a scripted solution in a second post.

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Auto dial with Microsoft Teams

A very often requested feature in Microsoft Teams Phone System projects is auto dial. A user marks a phone number and is looking for a shortcut to initiate a phone call with Microsoft Teams to this marked number. Does it work, Thorsten, auto dial for Microsoft Teams?

To be honest: not directly out of the box. But based on an article from Frank Carius, I found a solution for this request.

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Office 365 QuickTipp – Episode 30 – Microsoft Editor

My 30th episode of Office 365 QuickTipp will focus on the Microsoft Editor. The Microsoft Editor is an AI powered service by Microsoft supporting you as an author. It comes along with the Office 365 suite and it also available as browser addon. It will support and help you to write texts correctly and in more comprehensive way. Microsoft Editor automatically recognizes the written language, checks spelling and give some advices on how to improve it for a better understanding. For example, if you use the same word too often, alternative words are suggested.

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Office 365 – QuickTipp – Episode 25 – Microsoft Forms – Updated Version

In my 25th episode I will share with you some updated features in Microsoft Forms. When you follow me from the first release, you know that my first QuickTipp was about Microsoft Forms and Design Ideas. A few months ago, Microsoft enhanced this service and suggest you some answer based on you question. This is quite awesome and helpful when English is your native language. For other languages, the feature isn’t available yet.

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Office 365 QuickTipp – Episode 24 – Report Message in Outlook

In this episode I’ll talk about an Outlook Addin from Microsoft that helps you to improve and optimize the detection rate for Fale/Positives.
For example, if a mail was classified as junk, you can report this mail as normal mail and it will be moved to your inbox. The same the other way round: If a Junk mail ends up in your inbox, you can report it as Junk or Phishing.
This way Exchange Online Protection learns for you and evaluates the mails accordingly in the future.

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Office 365 QuickTipp – Episode 23 – New Meeting Experience in Microsoft Teams – Part II

In my newest episode, I continue to demonstrate you the new Microsoft Teams Meeting experience like Large Gallery View, Together Mode or Focus Mode. Microsoft published this new feature by end of July 2020, and it should be already available in your Tenats.

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Office 365 QuickTipp – Episode 15 – Screen recording with Microsoft Stream

My 15th episode will give you a short introduction in Microsoft Stream and the screen recording function. Screen recording is a new feature in Microsoft Stream and it is available since a few weeks and very easy to use.

To record user training videos, short introduction videos of new employees or some other company related stuff, Microsoft Stream is the best tool to use.

It is already included in your Microsoft Office Enterprise plan and uses the internal devices like the webcam for recording. No extra software is needed. If you like to encourage your colleagues to use more Video internally in your company, give it a try.

Watch my video and get of clue how easy screen recording can be.

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Customizing Microsoft Teams app bar

In this blog post, I will show you how to customize the app bar in Microsoft Teams.

In the past, the app bar on the left was static and not editable. Since a few weeks, Microsoft provides a new policy in your Microsoft Teams admin centre, called Setup Policy. With Setup Policy, you can customize the pinned apps in the left navigation bar in your Microsoft Teams soft client. Also, it provides the option to define different policies for your users.

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