Auto dial with Microsoft Teams

A very often requested feature in Microsoft Teams Phone System projects is auto dial. A user marks a phone number and is looking for a shortcut to initiate a phone call with Microsoft Teams to this marked number. Does it work, Thorsten, auto dial for Microsoft Teams?

To be honest: not directly out of the box. But based on an article from Frank Carius, I found a solution for this request.

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Microsoft Teams and Direct Routing – some calls are failing and marked as missed calls

I had the situation where Microsoft Teams is configured for Direct Routing and calls are dropped unexpectedly. We are using an Audiocodes SBC in Microsoft Azure and a SIP Trunk from Deutsche Telekom for the PSTN connection.

Sometimes an inbound call is signaled by Microsoft Teams for a second and then, it is dropped. In the Microsoft Teams activity feed a missed call is visible. Also, a missed call was shown in the activity feed even there was no ringing.

At first, I thought I could bring it down to cell phone calls only. But after asking my colleagues some users reported the same behaviour for calls coming from PBX systems.

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Microsoft Teams – Busy here

I guess it’s more an issue for European Microsoft Teams users but we European loves our busy signalling 😉

If you enable PSTN calling features in your Microsoft Teams environment, you will very fast recognize that there is no busy on busy for PSTN.

Arrives a second call while you are in a call with Microsoft Teams, there is actually no “Busy here”-signalling for the caller.

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