Customize Music on Hold in Microsoft Teams

In this blog post you will learn how to customize the music on hold in your Microsoft Teams environment. Microsoft announced this feature to be deployed in September 2022 and it allows us to define an own music on hold.

You archive this by configuring the new policy Hold Music in the Microsoft Teams Admin Center. Because it is a Microsoft Teams policy, you have the choice to set a new music on hold globally for all users or to define a music on hold for individual users.

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How to connect the Poly Rove IP DECT system to the Microsoft Teams SIP gateway

A few weeks ago, Microsoft announced a new milestone for the Microsoft Teams phone system – the Microsoft Teams SIP gateway will support IP DECT systems soon. A few vendors are already known and one of them will be Poly and their IP DECT solution Rove. In this blog post, I will write about the configuration and how to setup the Poly Rove to work together with the Microsoft Teams SIP gateway.

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Unanswered Call handling in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is the teamwork hub with several communication modalities. You can initiate Peer-2-Peer Audio or Video calls, invite to online meetings. If you already deployed Microsoft Phone System or have installed Microsoft Teams Direct Routing, initiate or get PSTN calls.

But what is the call handling if you are away or you are logged off from Microsoft Teams?

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Microsoft Teams – Busy here

I guess it’s more an issue for European Microsoft Teams users but we European loves our busy signalling πŸ˜‰

If you enable PSTN calling features in your Microsoft Teams environment, you will very fast recognize that there is no busy on busy for PSTN.

Arrives a second call while you are in a call with Microsoft Teams, there is actually no “Busy here”-signalling for the caller.

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