Side effects by Microsoft Teams App permission policy

This week I had a Aha event and some fun with side effect by the Microsoft Teams App permission policy. The customer disabled third party apps and allowed only a few Microsoft apps. For testing purposes, the customer created a user-based app policy, allowed some third-party apps in this policy and assigned it to some specific user accounts. With one of these users, we started to create a new private Microsoft Teams, which should be enabled as org-wide teams afterwards. During testing we saw some nice side effects of the arrangement of the Microsoft Teams app permission policies and it took some time to find the root cause for it. So, I like to report it to you in this blog post.

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Auto dial with Microsoft Teams

A very often requested feature in Microsoft Teams Phone System projects is auto dial. A user marks a phone number and is looking for a shortcut to initiate a phone call with Microsoft Teams to this marked number. Does it work, Thorsten, auto dial for Microsoft Teams?

To be honest: not directly out of the box. But based on an article from Frank Carius, I found a solution for this request.

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Roll back error during SfB user migration to Teams

In my latest project, I had the challenge to migrate an entire organization with 4.000 users from Skype for Business OnPrem to Micrsoft Teams in just two weeks. The customer planned to replace their current GoTo Meeting solution with Microsoft Teams. Of course, challenge accepted. During the migration I had to move the users from OnPrem to Skype for Business Online aka Teams. The migration to the cloud failed for some users with the message “An unknown error occurred while trying to roll back the user.” It took some time to resolve this error and this blog post is about it.

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Office 365 QuickTipp – Episode 29 – Notifications in Microsoft Teams – Part IV

In the fourth and last episode of my series about Microsoft Teams notifications I have two topics: a short look into the future about an upcoming change in the Microsoft Teams client. And second, I will try to resolve some questions to some magic mails which arrives from time to time in your mailbox about missed activities in Teams.

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Office 365 QuickTipp – Episode 23 – New Meeting Experience in Microsoft Teams – Part II

In my newest episode, I continue to demonstrate you the new Microsoft Teams Meeting experience like Large Gallery View, Together Mode or Focus Mode. Microsoft published this new feature by end of July 2020, and it should be already available in your Tenats.

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Customizing Microsoft Teams app bar

In this blog post, I will show you how to customize the app bar in Microsoft Teams.

In the past, the app bar on the left was static and not editable. Since a few weeks, Microsoft provides a new policy in your Microsoft Teams admin centre, called Setup Policy. With Setup Policy, you can customize the pinned apps in the left navigation bar in your Microsoft Teams soft client. Also, it provides the option to define different policies for your users.

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