Updated: Microsoft Teams and Busy on Busy

Microsoft Teams and Busy On Busy: an often requested feature will be available shortly.

Last month, Microsoft announced a new feature for Teams: Calling Policy. One option in this policy set is Busy On Busy. Get some news to this topic in this blog post.

As I wrote one of my first post for this blog beginning January this year, Busy On Busy (BoB) was missing in Microsoft Teams. And I never thought Microsoft will bring this function to Teams. But now it is time to write an updated article to it.

What is Busy On Busy?

If you allready have an active call in Microsoft Teams and someone else is trying to reach you, wou will get a second or even a third toast for an incoming call.

In a traditional PBX environment, you can normally configure Busy signalling for a second call. In the Microsoft universe, it wasn’t possible, till yet.

Busy On Busy anounced for end of May 2019

Now the situation is a little bit different: Microsoft announced to rolling out Busy-On-Busy till the end of May 2019 for all Office 365 Tenants. In the Microsoft docs libary, you can already find an article, how to configure this new feature.

To me, it looks like the product group rebuilt the well known and loved Skype for Business Voice Policy: Calling Policy.

The Microsoft Teams Calling Policy

With Calling Policy, you can define some interesting settings regarding the call feature set for your users. One of these features is BoB. But there are several other interesting features, you can control in the near future.

For example, you can enable or disable the calling feature in Microsoft Teams at all.

Also, it will be possible to define rules for call forwarding or simultaneous ring. For call forwarding and simultaneous ring, you can differentiate between internal and external destinations.

Voicemail function with Azure Media Service is also an option to enable (by default) or disable.

And for sure, you can enable or disable our so loved Busy On Busy feature. If enabled, a second incoming call will be answered by SIP signalling ‘486 – Busy here’. This setting is active for peer to peer or conference calls. Administrators can configure the new setting on tenant level or per user level. Per default, this setting is disabled in your tenant and you have to active it.

So, very nice and usefull features are coming around the corner.


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