Office 365 QuickTipp – Episode 26 – Notifications in Microsoft Teams – Part I

Episode 26 starts a multi-part series about notifications in Microsoft Teams. In this episode I will show you the genral settings regarding notification settings in Microsoft Teams.

Notifications in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams notifies a user about new events like a chat message or a mention in a channel conversation. By default, the user is notified by an acoustic signal and a banner popping out on the right lower corner.

The user will receive a notification by mail about a missed action when not logged into Teams.

For the Microsoft Teams Web Client you can also enable the notification banner. Therefor the system asks to enable desktop notifications in a browser session after first logon.

Enable notification in the Teams Web client

When enabled and activated, a popup message is showing even you are only logged in with the Web Client. Very useful when you like to use to web client for Teams access to other Tenants and stay in your company Tenant in the Desktop Client.

Modify notification settings

Sometimes these notifications can be noisy, and you would like to modify these settings. You would like to be notified for a personal chat message and to disable the notification for new group chat messages, for example.

To do this, you can open the settings windows in the Microsoft Teams client and edit these settings to a different level. You can disable notifications for Channel or Team mentions or group chat messages.

Here it is interesting to see, that Microsoft guides you to not modify too much. For personal chat messages or mentions it isn’t possible to disable the notifications. For these terms you can only switch between banner and mail notification, only banner or only to be notified in the activity feed. But you can’t disable to be notified at all in case of messages addressed to you directly.

Channel mention where you can disable notifications
In case of personal mention, you can’t disable notifications

Also, you can change and edit for diverse types the notification action. You can switch between Banner and email, Banner only, Only show in (activity) feed or to disable notifications. For some special notifications, like the missed activity emails, you can choose how often you would like to be notified about missed conversations or to disable these notifications totally, too.

Options to be notified about missed activities

If you change any settings, there is no “Save” button to commit these changes. Normally, it should be active right away.

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